Hi I'm James,


Located near Boston, MA

Hi I'm James,


Located near Boston, MA

Who is James?

I am an obsessive student of life who thrives in chaotic situations, which is why I have always felt I had an edge in engineering. This past year, I graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with High Distinction, earning my bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering. While I was finishing my degree, I began working on flight software for an engineering company contracted by Sikorsky Aircraft. I was a project manager of a team of five engineers by the time I had graduated from college. I left that job at the end of Decemeber 2017 and am now working on developing new skills.

My Skills/Experience

Control Algorithms and Logic

  • Designed ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem) for a nano-satellite

  • Developed MATLAB script and GUI (Graphical User Interface) to simulate and test controls and gains for nano-satellite

  • Developed Simulink models to simulate and test controls for aircraft to maintain stability

  • Tested flight control software for rescue helicopters and verified that they met all requirements associated with combat and flight

C Embedded System Development

  • Worked on flight software for rescue helicopters that was all written in C and tested using MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, and LDRA

Signal Processing

  • Tested various filters associated with flight computers to ensure they processed various possible input signals and affected them to produce the necessary output signal for the requirements of the control model

Web Development

  • Designed and developed this site using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript

  • Check out my work! (Ctrl+U)

Project Management

  • Managed a team of four engineering students to investigate water contamination in the town of Charlton, Massachusetts

  • Managed a team of three to five engineers working on two separate helicopter projects concurrently